All in 1 Success Stories

here is What customers are saying about the All in 1 Hooper!

Let me tell you about the All in 1 Hooper, I bought mine in 2010. I use it for all of my embroidery work (shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, throws, afghans, tote bags, anything that can be hooped). The all in 1 Hooper makes my work much, much easier, and faster. I had it going on 8 years & it’s still doing the job it was intended for. If you need a Hooper, give this one a try, it’s great!
One more thing, if any of you, embroiders out there, need digitizing done, Sal is the best; he does all of my digitizing, fast turnaround and great pricing.

I just wanted to let you know that I’m still in love with my All In 1 Hooper that I bought over a year ago. I was extremely frustrated with trying to get the right placement on the chest locations and I do full back embroidery for many bikers so this also came in very handy. No more measuring and drawing chalk lines on the shirt that I then have to spend time removing when the shirt is done. Your hooper has cut my layout/hooping time by about 75% or more.

I also wanted to commend you for your exceptional customer service when I lost a few of the pins and you provided a few to me as replacements.

Thanks for making my life easier and more productive!
— Matt, Dry Heat Embroidery

I love a product that makes my job easier I’ve been using the All in 1 Hooper since we spoke, on a Polo shirt order that I have and I must say, first and foremost, you’re a genius for coming up with this. I’m super glad I didn’t buy the Hoop Master, as your hooping device is far superior. The second thing I wanted to say is that this Hooper, (just flat kicks butt, I love it!!!!.)
— Mike, Impressions Unlimited

We LOVE the All In 1 Hooper and its flexibility!!! I think that the All in 1 Hooper is the most cost-effective Hooper in the marketplace, due to its ability to work with all sizes of hoops without having to purchase additional attachments.
— Kelly, For Heaven's Sake Embroidery

I bought 1 of your hooping stations; I have nothing but good things to say! I have used the limited hoop master device and your ALL IN 1 HOOPER is hands down better!
— Dion, Camo Caps

I think it is the best thing invented since sliced bread. I previously had two other brand X devices and wasn’t happy with them. Now I only need one device for all my work. I wouldn’t trade mine for anything!
— Linda, P&L Embroidery

I love the All-in-One Hooper. For a first time embroiderer, this is a must-have! Thanks for a Great Product.
— Shelley, Designs 'n Stitches

I bought my All in 1 Hooper and was amazed at how easy it made hooping my apparel perfectly every time. When doing several dozens left chest designs on shirts for my customers, I was able to easily make them all match exactly and look uniform without guessing. I also like how sturdy the All in 1 is. It has been one of the best investments I have made! I don’t know how I could have done as quality a job as I have done with the help of the All in 1 Hooper. I would recommend this Hooper to everyone!
— Laura, Logos To Go