All in 1 Hooper PRO

The Leveler Pro & Sleeve Board Pro universal hoop bracket is standard with the All in 1 Hooper. It is a quick change, tubular leveling device for all hoop sizes. When used with the All In 1 Hooper you can assure perfect placement every time! The All in 1 Hooper targets your hooping location with no need to measure or mark your garment.

It is fully assembled & comes complete with everything you need to hoop every garment and hoop sizes.

The All In 1 Hooper is the easiest and most innovative hooping device in the industry. No other hooping device compares!

One Device Does It ALL!

The All in 1 Hooper has helped thousands target their embroidery for over 22 years.

The Most innovative Hooping Device designed to hoop all garment & hoop sizes, using our color-coded stickers for quick and easy placement.

With its patented design, the All in 1 Hooper has 5 boards embedded into 1 device. Adult, Junior, Toddler, Infant and Sleeve Board all collapse independently to adjust to the size needed.

The All in 1 Hooper is the only device in the industry that works with every garment & hoop size without having to purchase additional board sizes or hoop brackets.

This device has color-coded placement stickers for men’s & ladies’ locations. This device is super easy to repeat orders with job placement cards which record the exact hole location.

Embroidery Hooping Made EASY!

One Device does it all!
Save Space, time, & Money
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